Terminal Stream
"-We build software prototypes and create automated trading systems"
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Our builds

- We use modern methods to build our systems.

- Every tool, language and environment is carefully selected.

- Our resources has experience from Finance, Telecom, Research & Development.

Prototype in place

- Our systems are robust and built as an engine with layers of machine learning.

- The system can monitor the market 24/7, take decision with detailed precision and issue transactions.

Future launch

- For the moment our systems are proprietary developed.

- The plan is to release them in later stage as a commercialized product. The product will serve as a trading advisor for private investors.

About us

Terminal Stream is a FinTech company, part of Premisit Group Ltd.
We specialize in software prototyping and automation.

Within prototyping we act an integrated or extended resource supplier.
Having our own labs we can develop within our premises and upload the deliverables.

With a vast experience from the Telecom industry we can transform requirement specification into software prototypes.

[Our environment]

We work mainly in Linux OS and use the programming languages “R” and “Julia” for prototyping. We embed machine learning and plan to onboard AI technologies.

[Our competence]

Our key competence is system development within prototyping and automation. We offer development services in following industries:
FinTech, Telecom, IT and Graphics.
[Our trading prototype]

Our "automated trading system" is currently a proprietary prototype.

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